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Nigerian Electronic Media Content Exhibition and Awards (NEMCEA) Gears Up for a Bigger and Impactful Event in 2023

NEMCEA 2023 aims to further elevate the electronic media content industry in Nigeria.
June 22, 2023
7:50 am

The Electronic Media Content Owners Association of Nigeria (EMCOAN) and the International Planning Committee of Nigerian Electronic Media Content Exhibition and Awards (NEMCEA) have announced the upcoming NEMCEA 2023 event, set to be the biggest gathering for the electronic media content and film industry.


NEMCEA 2023 is scheduled to take place from Tuesday, August 22, to Thursday, August 24, at the Radisson Blu Hotel in GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.


The event aims to revitalize the broadcast media in Nigeria and bring together stakeholders, including content producers, advertisers, and broadcasters.


The maiden edition of NEMCEA, held in 2022 at the prestigious Radisson Blu Hotel, was considered a successful international content market, conference, and awards event. The three-in-one gathering attracted prominent figures from the broadcast media content industry, providing a platform for reviewing, discussing, buying, and selling content. The event received significant support from various organizations, including the Creative Nigeria Summit (CNS), Zee Entertainment, the Ministry of Information and Culture, and the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), among others.



In a recent interview with the project director, Alayande Stephen T., he shared insights into the gains experienced during and after the first edition of NEMCEA. He emphasized the significance of the event for content producers and the industry as a whole. According to Alayande, “The gains and benefits gotten from NEMCEA 2022, being the maiden edition, are massive for the content producers and ultimately for the industry. Ours is a 3-in-1 event with a focus on content market, conferences, and awards. There was massive participation in the maiden edition, and this became something like a standard for the industry.”


Alayande further highlighted the importance of content markets globally and the role they play in the growth of the industry. He mentioned EMCOAN’s participation in various international markets and emphasized the need for a proper market structure in Nigeria where people can buy, exchange goods and services, and plan for future engagements. The conferences held during NEMCEA provide a platform for generating ideas, discussions, and resolving industry challenges.


When asked about industry stakeholders’ response to NEMCEA, Alayande expressed gratitude for the immense support received. He mentioned organizations and brands that bought into the maiden edition, recognizing their contributions to its success. However, he acknowledged that there is always room for more support and stakeholder participation. Alayande called for increased involvement from stakeholders and emphasized the need for a content market that caters to their aspirations and interests.

Also, addressing those who may be on the fence about participating in NEMCEA, Alayande highlighted the unique opportunities and benefits the event offers. He described it as a rare gathering that allows players in the electronic media content ecosystem to elevate their businesses, connect with key industry players, license, or sell their content, exhibit and highlight their work, and explore collaboration and co-production opportunities.


With regard to the strategies and initiatives put in place to ensure the active engagement and collaboration of all stakeholders, Alayande stressed the importance of engaging stakeholders from different facets of the business. He emphasized the need to explore different business models, incorporate artificial intelligence, and utilize audience measurement to determine real-time viewership. These efforts aim to increase advertising spending and benefit advertisers, advertising agencies, broadcasters, regulators, content owners, producers, distributors, and aggregators.



Looking ahead to NEMCEA 2023, Alayande expressed optimism about the event’s impact on promoting Nigerian content globally and facilitating business deals and collaborations. He mentioned the launch of the NEMCEA Creative Academy, which will focus on nurturing young, burgeoning content creators and providing them with training and networking opportunities. This initiative aims to secure the future of the industry by involving and encouraging the new generation of talent.


As NEMCEA prepares for its second edition, industry players, content producers, advertisers, and broadcasters should look forward to the event, which is expected to be even more impactful than the previous edition. With an emphasis on promoting Nigerian content globally and fostering business deals and collaborations, NEMCEA 2023 aims to further elevate the electronic media content industry in Nigeria.


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