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Nigerian Filmmakers Launch BRS Studios to Elevate African Storytelling

A trio of Nigerian filmmakers aim at revolutionizing African filmmaking by producing exceptional stories that resonate with global audiences.
June 2, 2024
9:46 pm

Joy Odiete, Ramsey Nouah, and Chris Odeh have launched a special purpose vehicle that combines the strengths of three existing companies: Blue Pictures Distribution, Ramsey Films, and Sozo Films. While the companies will continue to operate independently, they will collaborate on special projects under the BRS Studios banner.


Blue Pictures Distribution is a leading player in the Nigerian film industry, serving as the country’s premier destination for theatrical, streaming, and other distribution channels. Ramsey Films is known for its authentic and creative storytelling, while Sozo Films has earned a reputation for its innovative approach to film production and management.


In a released statement, the filmmakers said the launch of BRS Studios aims to raise the bar in the filmmaking process by scaling up all components of the value chain, creating new and innovative structures to ensure sustainability, and inspiring Nollywood and African filmmaking to reach new heights.


The trio recently collaborated on the forthcoming blockbuster “Tokunbo,” which is being teased as a Netflix-branded title with a 2024 release date in view.


BRS Studios plans to partner with major studios in the global creative space, and more details on its first project are expected to be revealed before the end of the year.


The move comes as the Nigerian film industry, often referred to as Nollywood, continues to gain international recognition and audiences worldwide, with an increasing demand for high-quality, diverse, and authentic African stories.


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