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Nollywood, Bollywood Meet Again in ’Postcards‘ Series To Explore Cross-Cultural Connections

Cosmopolitan Mumbai and Lagos are the setting of this guarded secret, but the cat has always been out.
June 2, 2023
8:06 pm
Hamisha Daryani Ahuja

Postproduction on Postcards, a five episodes series that marries elements of Nollywood and Bollywood, seems to have been completed since its director recently announced that the series is “COMING SOON!!!”


However, when The Nollywood Reporter asked the film director, Hamisha Daryani Ahuja, about the release date and distribution plans for the series, Ahuja revealed that no specific information was available now.


In addition, Ahuja revealed why her production company opted for a different form from a film on their second outing: “It’s a totally different story and theme,” she said. Speaking further, she said the new production was “designed and written as a series to do justice to the stories.”


The upcoming cross-cultural series, set in both Cosmopolitan Mumbai and Lagos, promises to captivate audiences with its interwoven narratives and life-changing events.


Ahuja with Tobi Bakre

Ahuja shared her excitement about the series via her Instagram page, stating, “We’ve made something really special with the #PostcardSeries, and I really hope you all enjoy it when it comes out. I am really excited to share with you a sneak peek teaser of the show. PostcardSeries is a story that everyone can relate to in some way…”


She described the teaser as a tantalizing glimpse into what audiences can expect from the production, thus leaving fans to eagerly await further updates.


Postcards promises to explore the connections and experiences between the vibrant cultures of India and Nigeria. As the series delves into the lives of its diverse characters, audiences can anticipate a thought-provoking and relatable narrative that bridges geographical boundaries and, perhaps, cultures.


Ahuja in the heat of production

Ahuja, who announced the project in July 2022, directed and acted in her debut film, Namaste Wahala, an Indian-Nigerian love story that premiered on Netflix early last year. Initially intended for a theatrical release, the film faced pandemic-related delays but garnered positive responses upon its digital launch.


Having recently wrapped principal production in Nigeria and India, Postcards boasts an impressive ensemble cast. Richard Mofe-Damijo, Tobi Bakre, Sola Sobowale, Nancy Isime, Rajniesh Duggall, and Rahama Sadau are among the talented actors bringing the story to life.


Prerelease poster

As of now, fans can catch a glimpse of what lies ahead by watching the teaser, which the production team at Forever 7 Entertainment released. Click here for the teaser.


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