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Obasi Selected For The Realness African Screenwriters’ Residency

Six screenwriters honing their creative and business skills courtesy of Realness
August 10, 2022
11:21 am

Nigeria’s C.J Obasi has been selected alongside five other Africans for the 6th edition of the Realness African Screenwriters’ Residency.


The Realness African Screenwriters’ Residency is an 8-week program intended to nurture, empower, and support screenwriters to grow their film projects. The Residency harbors African screenwriters, providing support and empowerment to get better at storytelling, bring them out into screenplays, and to pitch their projects to industries for financing.


This year’s edition takes place from August 3 to September 24, 2022, in South Africa and Switzerland and has screenwriters from Sudan, South Africa, Mozambique, Morocco and, of course, Nigeria.


This is a huge opportunity for Obasi and the five other Africans because this scheme would drill and give them uninterrupted space and time to develop a story properly and excellently by helping the screenwriters interact with one another and work together with the knowledge of each’s culture and still building their individual stories.


These screenwriters are in this program because they presented compelling script stories which were judged using different parameters. According to the Realness Institute, Obasi’s story is titled “Nri”.


Obasi was barely three days into the program when TNR had a chat with him. “There’s really no story yet as I’m still in the beginning stages of my project. Ground zero really,” he said. Besides that, he added, “I’m not ready to talk about the project. When I’m good and ready, I’ll unfold.”


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