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‘One House Reality TV Show’ is Raising Entrepreneurs

Fame without money is misery. One House teaches wealth creation.
September 22, 2022
5:46 pm

Gathering youngsters under one roof with the desire to harness their entrepreneurial abilities is the watchword for Zanzy Entertainment as they start registration for the fourth season of the One House Reality TV Show.


“The idea of the show is to have young entrepreneurs under one roof,” says Chuks Anusionwu, who is the Creative Director for Zanzy Entertainment. As a result, the empire-building, tactical risk taking as investors is what differentiates One House Reality TV Show from its counterparts in the genre that are geared towards the making of famous people. “The idea is not just for them to become popular. A lot of people leave reality TV shows depressed because they were not prepared well. They cannot keep up with the life [after the show].”


For Anusionwu, teaching the housemates money-making endeavors is the purpose of the show since that is the skill that they need in the outside world to be successful. He points out that most people depend on endorsement deals to be financially stable, but “if the endorsement doesn’t come, what will they fall back to?” This is the anomaly that the One House Reality TV Show hopes to fix because money is needed to maintain fame. Therefore, teaching participants the art and science of financial literacy is the show’s mission.


A total of 30 housemates will stay for a period of 30 days in Lagos, Nigeria. The month for the TV show is undisclosed as registration for Season 4 has just been announced. The reality TV show will be broadcast on DStv channel 369, GOtv channel 114, and Startimes channel 104. It will also be live on their YouTube channel, Zanzy Entertainment.


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