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Oscar Heman-Ackah’s “Finding Messiah” Wraps Up Principal Photography

Renowned music executive and creative entrepreneur, Oscar Heman-Ackah, unveils an ambitious political musical drama set in the fictional Republic of Zambay, featuring a stellar cast and marking a significant shift in Nollywood’s cinematic landscape.
January 15, 2024
10:43 am
Finding Messiah

Oscar Heman-Ackah, the acclaimed Ghanaian-Nigerian music executive and founder of Soltracka Productions Ltd., has wrapped up principal photography for his debut directorial project, “Finding Messiah.”


Produced under the banner of Sol Tracka Productions, “Finding Messiah” is an epic political musical drama set in the fictional Republic of Zambay, complete with its own language and vibrant cultural backdrop. While the storyline’s details are confidential, the film promises to captivate audiences with its enigmatic narrative.


What sets “Finding Messiah” apart is its ensemble cast, which blends the seasoned talent of Nollywood legends such as Pete Edochie, Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett and Daddy Showkey with emerging stars like Bucci Franklin and Uzi Kwednu. This mixture is going to guarantee exceptional chemistry, adding layers of depth.


Heman-Ackah, recognized not only for his influence in the African music scene but also as a media specialist and creative entrepreneur, brings a wealth of experience to his directorial debut. His collaborations with global music icons such as Rihanna and Chris Brown, coupled with crafting the 2014 World Cup theme song, underscore his versatile talents.



This venture also reflects a broader trend in Nollywood, traditionally dominated by dramatic and narrative-driven films. While musicals have historically been less prevalent, recent attempts like “Lara and the Beat” (2018) and “Obara M'” (2022) signal a shift towards embracing diverse genres and storytelling methods.


As anticipation for “Finding Messiah” builds, it remains unclear whether it will debut in theaters or on streaming platforms. Exceptional glimpses from the set further fuel excitement around Heman-Ackah’s directorial debut, which could blaze a trail for more Nollywood musicals.


Notably, “Finding Messiah” marks Oscar Heman-Ackah’s first venture in Nollywood. As the countdown begins, “Finding Messiah” could potentially blaze a trail for more Nollywood musicals, heralding a new era for the evolving film industry.


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