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“Our Brother’s Wedding” Tackles Cultural Bias with Comedy and Audience Immersion

An upcoming interactive theatre performance explores interracial relationships and cultural clashes through the lens of a comedic family drama, starring Israeli-Nigerian actress Ronya Man.
March 27, 2024
7:19 am
Our Brothers Wedding

“Our Brother’s Wedding,” a thought-provoking yet comedic interactive theatre performance, is set to take the stage on March 30 and April 1, 2024, tackling the sensitive topic of cultural bias against interracial marriages through an immersive storytelling experience.


The play, which is set to take place at The Garden, Ikoyi revolves around three local sisters who go to great lengths to prevent their only brother from tying the knot with his fiancée, Jane, from a different cultural background due to their deep-rooted prejudices and fear of losing their traditions.


At the heart of this powerful production is Ronya Man an Israeli actress based in Nigeria, who takes on the role of Jane, the fiancée caught in the family’s cultural crossfire. In an exclusive interview with the TNR team, Man shared her insights on the play’s resonating themes and her personal experiences that have shaped her understanding of cultural biases.


“I wanted to explore this bi-racial relationship because I’m currently writing a co-production on a biracial love story,” Man revealed. “Besides, I was missing theatre. It’s a very different medium from film.”


Ronya Man believes that the intimate setting of a theatre performance enhances the impact of stories like “Our Brother’s Wedding.” According to her, “The intimate setting allows the actors and audience to enjoy an experience that transcends story alone, especially in this production where the audience becomes part of the play.”


Drawing from her own experiences navigating cultural differences, Man shared her perspective on the roots of such biases. “Some of these fears stem from the past and should be revisited,” she noted. “But, if we look at the world around us today, some of these fears are valid, as some cultures are still trying to overtake others.”


Directed by Qudus Ibrahim and produced by QIB productions in partnership with RF Gardens, Ikoyi, and supported by Castle Lite, “Our Brother’s Wedding” promises a comedic yet thought-provoking exploration of family dynamics, cultural identity, and the universal struggle for love and acceptance.


Attendees can expect an immersive and entertaining experience that challenges societal norms while celebrating the beauty of cultural diversity as they prepare to attend the theatre performance which is set to take place on the 30th of this month and April 1 at The Garden, Ikoyi.


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