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“Rainmakers” Explores Clash Between Science and Tradition in Weather Control

Niyi Akinmolayan’s documentary takes viewers on a journey through three Nigerian states, examining the clash between scientific predictions and traditional rainmaking practices.
January 19, 2024
5:16 am

In a documentary presented by Prime video, Nigerian director Niyi Akinmolayan embarks on a journey across three Nigerian states, engaging with 20 rainmakers to compare the predictions of weather apps with traditional practices in the captivating exploration titled “Rainmakers.”


The documentary, set to be available on Prime video starting Mar. 1, 2024, navigates the world of rainmaking, juxtaposing scientific predictions with ancient traditional practices that claim to influence the weather. It presents two distinct schools of thought: the methods advocated by science and the ancient traditional practices involving Sango, Osun, and Agemo.


“Rainmakers” challenges preconceived notions as it delves into the logic of science and the powers associated with ancestral rituals, spells, and incantations performed by juju practitioners, who believe in their ability to control the heavens. This exploration is closely followed by a comparison of the predictions made by weather apps.



The documentary provides viewers with a front-row seat to the historical context of rainmaking across cultures in three states, illustrating the longstanding attempts to harness the forces of nature for centuries.


Through interviews with juju practitioners, “Rainmakers” explores the ongoing debate surrounding rainmaking practices, prompting the question of whether humanity can truly control the elements.


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