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“Reel to Reality” Festival Opens Submissions for 2024 Film Showcase

Celebrating African diasporic voices, the film festival is providing a platform for diverse talents in cinema.
January 30, 2024
5:35 pm

“Reel to Reality,” a distinguished film festival dedicated to highlighting African diasporic voices in cinema, has officially opened its call for submissions for the upcoming 2024 edition.


Filmmakers are encouraged to submit their short films, as the Johannesburg festival continues its tradition of displaying diverse talents on the grand cinematic stage.


This year’s event is not limited to film screenings; it will also incorporate engaging panel discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities. These components are designed to offer filmmakers valuable connections with industry professionals and fellow creatives.


The call for submissions encourages filmmakers to embrace creativity and authenticity in expressing their stories, capturing the multifaceted essence of the African diaspora and its diverse experiences.



Films meeting the following criteria are eligible for consideration:

  • Directed, produced, or written by a person of color from Africa or the African diaspora.
  • Not directed, produced, or written by a person of color but prominently featuring African/African Diasporic content.
  • Duration of less than 40 minutes.

The submission window is set to close on the Feb. 23, 2024, providing African diasporic filmmakers with an opportunity to highlight their voices.


Reel to Reality” is celebrated for fostering a vibrant community for creatives. The 2024 film festival promises to meet and exceed expectations by featuring a rich array of short films that explore various genres, providing a comprehensive cinematic experience.


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