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The Macallan’s Legacy Film Honors Janet Isabella Harbinson at AWB Women’s Roundtable in Lagos

In a tribute to resilience and empowerment during International Women’s Month, The Macallan unveiled ”The Spirit of 1926,“ a cinematic homage to Janet Isabella Harbinson.
April 1, 2024
7:58 am
The Macallan

Against the backdrop of International Women’s Month, The Macallan presented a stirring cinematic tribute to Janet Isabella Harbinson, affectionately known as Nettie, at the African Women on Board (AWB) roundtable held in Lagos, Nigeria.


The short film, “The Spirit of 1926,” directed by renowned filmmaker Mike Newell and featuring acclaimed actress Emily Mortimer as Harbinson, commemorates her extraordinary tenure as Managing Director of The Macallan in the aftermath of World War I.



Crafted by award-winning screenwriter Allan Shiach, the biopic offers a poignant portrayal of Harbinson’s unwavering dedication and resilience, highlighting her pivotal role in shaping the whisky industry. Premiering at the luxury prestige business lounge, Capital Club, the film captivated attendees of the AWB roundtable, who were deeply moved by Nettie’s story of courage and conviction.


Daniel Atteh, Brand Ambassador and Educator for Edrington Portfolio Lagos, reflected on the significance of the biopic, stating, “As we showcase ‘Nettie’ in honor of Women’s Month, we raise a toast to the resilient spirit of Janet Isabella Harbinson.



Her dedication serves as a poignant reminder of the quiet heroism that shapes history and the indelible impact of women in leadership.” Atteh emphasized The Macallan’s commitment to celebrating unsung heroes and advancing women’s empowerment through Harbinson’s enduring legacy.


As attendees raised their glasses to Nettie’s memory, they paid tribute to a trailblazing leader whose spirit continues to inspire generations and reaffirm The Macallan’s dedication to championing women’s contributions to society.


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