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Timi Dakolo Unleashes Cultural Ode With “Men of the South”

Celebrating southern Nigeria’s richness, Timi Dakolo’s latest single “The Chorus Leader,” unites African rhythms in a melodic tribute.
January 15, 2024
9:59 am

Nigerian singer-songwriter Timi Dakolo has recently unveiled his latest single, “Men of the South,” setting the stage for the   release of his third studio album, “The Chorus Leader.”


Crafted under the auspices of Masterkraft, “Men of the South” stands as an anthem that pays homage to the opulence, resilience and cultural legacy ingrained in the people of southern Nigeria.


Hailing from Bayelsa, Nigeria, Timi Dakolo masterfully employs his soulful vocals and poignant lyrics, leading listeners on a melodic journey that reveres the extravagance and rich cultural tapestry of the southern region.


Reflecting on the inspiration behind this musical creation, Dakolo said, “South-south Nigeria is a treasure trove, and Men of the South is my tribute to my people, their rich heritage and their invaluable contributions to our nation.”


Known for his ability to deeply connect with audiences through emotive music, “Men of the South” instills a sense of pride and celebration for the South-South Nigerian heritage. The song features African rhythmic melodies and harmonies, displaying Dakolo’s musical prowess.


“Men of the South” is now available on all audio streaming platforms, and it offers a preview of what to expect from Timi Dakolo’s upcoming album.


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