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U.S. Embassy Empowers Ugandan Filmmakers with Smartphone Storytelling Initiative

U.S. Embassy in Uganda allocates $35,000 to train local filmmakers in smartphone cinematography.
April 22, 2024
9:15 am
US Embassy Uganda

The U.S. Embassy in Uganda has announced a significant funding opportunity for Ugandan filmmakers. With a total amount of $35,000 available, this initiative seeks to empower Ugandan filmmakers, journalists, and content creators by leveraging the power of smartphone technology to create impactful narratives that address social issues and drive change.


The funding will facilitate training in up to three regions, including the coordination of a visiting American film expert. The goal is to inspire participants to employ their smartphone skills in filmmaking to influence impactful storytelling.


This initiative is an approach to increase economic growth and create employment opportunities in Uganda’s creative industries. By equipping individuals with the tools and training to become creative entrepreneurs, the program will encourage innovation in film production and distribution. It will also make the film and TV industry more diverse as different people from various backgrounds tell their stories.


The cultural exchange between Americans and Ugandans is expected to showcase stories that reflect shared values, concerns, and promote mutual understanding. The program will include the following:


  • Training in basic film production including scriptwriting and editing, as well as ethics and cultural sensitivity.
  • Workshops in up to three Ugandan regions.
  • Participation of a visiting American film professional.
  • Creation of short films by participants.
  • Potential screening of participant films in a local film festival.

With the deadline for applications set for May 20, 2024, this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) represents a significant step towards bolstering media freedom in Uganda. It aims to equip journalists with the necessary tools and ethical training to report using smartphones, thereby enhancing the quality and reach of their storytelling.


For more information on the application process, interested parties can here


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