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Uche Jombo Takes the Director’s Chair Again with “A Better Man”

Nollywood’s seasoned actress, Uche Jombo, gears up for another cinematic triumph with ‘A Better Man,’ a film that promises to be a fresh take on the complexities of love
December 20, 2023
7:43 pm

Uche Jombo, renowned for her prowess both in front and behind the camera, is set to bring a new dimension to love stories with her upcoming film, “A Better Man.” Following the recent screening of “Onyeegwu” at AFRIFF, where she showcased a compelling narrative centered around a young footballer, Jombo now turns her attention to a romantic whirlwind like no other.


‘A Better Man,’ written by Joy Isi Bewaji, explores the tale of Ogechi and Dayo in what has been described as a “stranger-than-fiction romantic whirlwind.” Ogechi finds herself immersed in what appears to be the perfect romance until the harsh reality strikes — her lover is nothing more than a fading memory. The script, according to Jombo, captivated her with its  storyline, promising audiences a blend of mystery, love, and tragedy.



The film boasts an impressive ensemble cast, including Daniel Etim Effiong, Tana Adelana, Tina Mba, Elvina Ibru, Uche Montana, and Lord Frank. Under the skillful production management of Taiwo Adebayo, principal photography for ‘A Better Man’ is commenced on  November 29, adding to the anticipation surrounding this promising project.


As Uche Jombo takes the helm once again, ‘A Better Man’ is poised to be a standout entry in the realm of Nollywood, offering audiences an  exploration of the multifaceted aspects of love.


Click here for some behind the scenes.


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