‘UpShot (Atunbotan)’ Premiere in Lagos

Reality hits you like a truck in this movie
September 22, 2022
5:27 pm

La Skerry Production in Association with Aiyudu George Etinosa Foundation’s new movie, The Upshot (Atubotan) premiered recently to a selected audience at Viva Cinemas, Ikeja.


The Upshot is a gripping tale of the evils of child molestation, greed, peer pressure, and corruption, and it revolves around the lives of a gang of armed robbers as they navigate society’s suffocating boots and the get-rich-quick syndrome. These gangsters embark on a relentless quest for the high life, chasing easy money, and fast cars by stealing from society no matter what it costs them.


“This movie is our heightened reality, I was transfixed,” Patience Oghre Imobhio says enthusiastically after the screening.


“This movie will give you a message that will hit you hard! The acting from everyone one was stellar, and the plot and storyline were very convincing,” says a pastor who was in attendance.


Teasing moviegoers, Skerry Bakare says that “the audience should expect an intriguing story full of drama and a bit of comedy.”


The film was directed by Muyideen Ayinde.


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