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Veteran Actor RMD Teases Collaborative Film Project with Utah Actress

Richard Mofe-Damijo shares insights into his current film venture, featuring Western elements.
February 25, 2024
10:56 pm
RMD with Robert Peters in Salt Lake City

In a recent interaction with the TNR, Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD), the esteemed Nollywood actor, provided some insights into one of his ongoing film engagements.


When asked about whether his current project in the United States involves a collaboration between Nollywood and Hollywood, RMD responded, “I’m shooting but not a Western. It has Western elements, etc. But can’t talk about it now until I’m done.”


Adding to the anticipation, RMD disclosed, “It’s my project actually with another actress from Utah.” One of the shooting locations, it seems, is Salt Lake City, Utah.


The selection of Salt Lake City, known for its picturesque landscapes and diverse settings, suggests an intriguing backdrop for the upcoming film. RMD’s decision to venture beyond Nollywood’s conventional locations underscores the global reach and collaborative spirit of contemporary cinema.


While the veteran actor remained discreet about specific details, his mention of Western elements hints at a unique fusion in the upcoming film. RMD’s collaboration with an actress from Utah adds an intriguing international dimension to the project, showcasing the global nature of contemporary film ventures.


As the curtains fell on the shooting on Feb. 24, fans and the film community await further announcements and updates about this collaborative cinematic endeavor led by the accomplished actor.


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