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“Alli Eid Dinner” – A Heartwarming Eid Family Drama Premieres on Africa Magic

Award-winning director Fatimah Binta Gimsay introduces a unique perspective with “Alli Eid Dinner,” a heartwarming family drama centered around the Islamic celebration of Eid.
March 8, 2024
8:34 pm

In a departure from the familiar Christmas rom-coms and family dramas, acclaimed screenwriter and director Fatimah Binta Gimsay presents “Alli Eid Dinner,” a compelling romantic family drama set to debut on Africa Magic (Channel 151) on March 10.


While Nollywood has traditionally focused on stories revolving around the Christmas season, narratives exploring Islamic holidays have been relatively scarce. “Alli Eid Dinner” aims to fill this gap by transporting audiences into the religious and spiritual significance of the Eid festivities, emphasizing the importance of family and love during this holy season.


Co-written by Fatimah Binta Gimsay and Owumi Ugbeye, “Alli Eid Dinner” delves into the religious and spiritual significance of Eid, offering a rare exploration of Islamic celebrations on the Nigerian screen. The film places a spotlight on the essence of family and love during this sacred season, providing audiences with a unique perspective on the Eid festivities.



The narrative follows Amina Ali, played by Wumi ‘Tuase, the determined first daughter embarking on a mission to reunite her family in the weeks following the Eid celebrations. Despite facing formidable challenges, Amina remains resolute, driven by her responsibility as the eldest sibling to foster family togetherness after the festivities. However, her mission takes an unexpected turn when family secrets become known, adding layers of complexity to her task.


Directed by Stephanie Dadet, “Alli Eid Dinner” promises to be a relatable Nigerian family drama, featuring familiar characters and situations that resonate with viewers. The film offers an enriching portrayal of family dynamics during annual celebrations, providing a rarely explored perspective within Nollywood.


The talented cast, including Wumi ‘Tuase, Kuchi Chris, Wendy Lawal-Simpson, Abdul Tijani-Ahmed, Temilolu Fosudo, Owumi Ugbeye, and others, brings authenticity to the film’s characters and situations.



Mark your calendars for March 10 at 8 pm, when “Alli Eid Dinner” premieres on Africa Magic Showcase, offering a heartwarming and insightful look into the Eid celebrations and the importance of family bonds..


Check out the trailer here.


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