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Beauty and the …? Nope, Not What You Think!

Beauty isn’t having a date with the beast. Just keen to know what the future holds for her.
August 10, 2022
11:54 am

Last Sunday, the Big Brother Naija show recorded its fastest disqualification yet from one of the Season 7 housemates. Beauty Tukura—simply known as Beauty—received a double strike in addition to a previous strike for bad behaviour. We all know that three strikes mean you’re no longer eligible to contest and that’s exactly what happened to Beauty.


After the Saturday night party, Beauty got into an altercation with Groovy, another housemate with whom she had struck up a fiery romance. Viewers have described their relationship as childish, too quick, and even toxic. And this last fight might have proven them right. Beauty found Groovy’s behavior with another female housemate during the party inappropriate and as they argued about it, she escalated the situation by throwing an object at him.


While some people vehemently protest the disqualification, others believe that there is no justification for her actions. Some of her fans blame her behaviour on all the alcohol she took but others disagree, stating that she’d previously exhibited similar behaviour when alcohol was not involved.



During her eviction, Biggie said: “Your actions last night were out of line; you should have managed your emotions. You removed your microphone; you threw another object at Groovy after throwing your glasses and wig at him.”


Viewers have taken to social media to express their disappointment, with one person saying: “Beauty had so much to offer. It’s sad alcohol got in the way.


Others are celebrating and making jokes about the situation. One user tweeted: “Disqualified before the first eviction? Beauty village people dey work overtime”.


While getting disqualified from one of the biggest reality shows in the world has got to hurt, TNR excited to see what Beauty makes of the rest of her career!


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