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Showmax Celebrates the Rich Tapestry of Nigerian Stories with Masterbrand Campaign

With its catalog of local and international content, Showmax is positioned to become a significant player in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.
June 3, 2023
5:08 pm
ShowMAX Campaign

Showmax, Africa’s original streaming service, has made a bold move in Nigeria’s rapidly growing streaming industry with the launch of its first-ever Nigerian Masterbrand campaign with the tagline “No one tells a story like we do.”


The campaign was unveiled on May 29, captivating audiences with a visually stunning television commercial. Leading Nollywood actress Sharon Ooja, known for her outstanding performance in the AMVCA-nominated Showmax Original series Flawsome, takes center stage in the commercial, embodying the essence of Nigerian storytelling.


The campaign serves as a tribute to the dynamic storytelling culture of Nigeria, while also highlighting Showmax’s commitment to curating a rich selection of original content that reflects the country’s unique narrative traditions.


Prior to the campaign launch, Showmax teased audiences with a series of billboards across major Nigerian cities, adorned with popular Nigerian slangs such as “Just Dey Play,” “Woto Woto,” “Eweee,” and “Pressure Ti Wa.” These billboards sparked lively conversations on social media, with users eagerly sharing their interpretations and personal connections to these cultural expressions.


Opeoluwa Filani, General Manager at Showmax Nigeria, expressed his enthusiasm for the campaign, emphasizing the profound wealth of stories that Nigeria has to offer. With over 300 tribes and countless untold narratives, Showmax has committed to becoming a vessel for these stories, presenting them in their purest and most authentic form.


“Our country is a treasure trove of narratives, and as a brand deeply rooted in Africa, it is our duty to amplify and honor these stories,” said Filani. “We take great pride in our role as Africa’s original streaming platform, knowing that no one can tell our stories better than we can.”


Showmax’s entry into the Nigerian market last year marked a significant milestone for the platform. With Filani leading the Nigerian operations, Showmax solidified its commitment to the country and witnessed remarkable growth in its paying subscriber base. The decision to establish a dedicated team in Nigeria demonstrates Showmax’s unwavering dedication to nurturing and investing in one of its most important markets.


Showmax’s investment in Nigeria has yielded remarkable results, with an impressive lineup of original content receiving 22 nominations at Africa’s most prestigious TV and film awards.


The platform has captivated audiences with the reimagined childhood of Nigerian football legend Jay Jay Okocha in the popular kids’ show Jay Jay: The Chosen One. Additionally, Showmax has garnered critical acclaim for originals like Diiche, produced by James Omokwe, and hit series such as Flawsome, Crime and Justice Lagos, The Real Housewives of Lagos and Abuja, and Wura.


Showmax’s collaboration with Africa Magic has further expanded its collection, offering viewers an extensive range of TV shows and films, including titles like Itura, Covenant, My Beautyful Life, and Ricordi.


The streaming platform’s appeal extends beyond local productions, as it also features popular HBO shows.


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