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Why You Should Watch Remarriage and Desires

The unique plot of this series makes the murky waters of dating and relationships enjoyable
August 10, 2022
12:23 pm

Pull the plug on whatever Korean drama you are watching right now and tap into Remarriage and Desires on Netflix. Chances are a lot of people have watched this already because it premiered last month, but if you have not, here are reasons why you should.


For a brief overview, the plot is a very unique one. It chronicles the lives of Korean chaebols, heiresses, and trust fund babies as they navigate the murky waters of dating and relationships in their 30’s and 40’s through the help of a top-ranked matchmaking agency headed by the intuitive Choi Yu-seon (Cha Ji-Yeon). The series also centres around the tragic story of Seo Hye-seung (Kim Hee Sun) whose life is turned upside down by her husband’s mistress. She vows to take revenge on the homewrecker and her unquenchable thirst leads to recycled drama, loss, and new love.


The revenge theme is not a new thing to K-drama land. There are a million other dramas (Eve, Vincenzo, Lawless Lawyer) that have made this their focal point, but what makes this drama so binge-worthy is that Seo’s (she is believed to be the main character) revenge affects the other supporting characters. Why? Because their lives are so interwoven that you would think they all live in the same house. Everyone knows everyone in the bustling city of Seoul and you cannot help but gasp when the drama reveals how the characters are quite familiar with one another, sometimes a little too familiar.


If the above is not reason enough to add this to your Watch List, here are an additional three reasons.


  1. Main chick versus Side chick rivalry

Throughout the eight episodes, Seo faces off against her husband’s mistress, Jin Yoo-hee (Jeong Eu-Gene). Each encounter is more explosive than the next and get this- as Seo is plotting revenge, so is Yoo-hee and it is a delight to see the two ladies (who by the way are the perfect match for each other) battle it out it a game of Korean Russian Roulette. The actresses did an amazing job, so much so that one would think that they actually hate each other in real life.




  1. Love Triangle.

Ah yes, the repetitive main lead versus second lead saga is still very prominent here. Two men hold the key two Seo’s heart-one her ex-boyfriend and the other a new flame that she met because of her ties to the matchmaking agency. Who gets the girl? Spoiler alert: it is not who you think it is!


  1. Dirty Little Secrets

Almost everyone in this drama is insanely attractive and they have very deep pockets. However, looking past the elegance, the billions of won spent on dates and the masquerade balls, reveals that they all hold secrets that have the potential of destroying them or those that they keep in their tight circle. Someone is sleeping with a friend’s ex-wife, another fathered a child out of wedlock and the other is trying to swindle money from his friend via a gaming business merger. Things get very messy quickly and tensions run at an all-time high throughout the episodes.



Remarriage and Desires is soap-operatic, to say the least, and very intense, but that is what adds to the appeal. The men and women in the series all have stories to tell, and they are given the chance to tell their narratives and control them due to flawless scriptwriting, efficacious directing, and award-winning performances from the cast.


It is still available for streaming on Netflix so what are you waiting for?


Network: Netflix

Name: Remarriage and Desires

Release Date: July 15, 2022

Episodes: 8

Language: Korean (with English sub-titles)

Cast: Kim Hee Sun, Jeong Eu-Gene, Lee Hyun-wook, Cha Ji-Yeon and Park Hoon

TNR Scorecard:


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