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‘A Lot Like Love’ isn’t Flamboyant but Sophisticated

Performance is not cringy and the precision of the storyline deserves accolades.
July 20, 2023
6:10 pm

Quick as a flash, a sunny sky turns grey when a couple’s vacation is nipped in the bud. Right before they leave for the airport, Fanaa and her husband, Abdul are attacked by unknown gunmen and all efforts to reason with these gunmen prove futile. Abdul gets kidnapped and Fanaa is hit with the butt of a gun.


A Lot Like Love follows the processes Fanaa goes through to get her lovely husband back home. With the help of her friend and an ex who does not seem to be over her, Fanaa is determined to stop at nothing till Abdul gets back home. Does Fanaa get Abdul back, and who is responsible for this attack?


While Fanaa, her friend, and her ex, move every mountain possible, they discover two shocking secrets. Find out what happens next.


This movie does well with the few cast members it has. The actors deliver their roles smoothly and their performance is not cringy or hard to watch. From the security guard to the housemaid, characterization is well executed.


One aspect of this movie that could be easily overlooked is how the writers did not feel the need to make clowns out of the minor characters. They filled in the right places and stuck to the number of lines that were necessary. More Nollywood movies should emulate that. The security guard does not need to be a walking circus. It’s okay for him to be just what he is … the Security Guard.


Another good thing about this movie is the precision of the storyline. Right from the beginning, it gets rolling and does not take turns towards things that do not help the viewers in any way. Each scene eases into the next in an organized flow of events until the movie reaches its end. There is no confusion whatsoever.


The characters are also beautifully dressed, and this can be attributed to the amazing makeup crew. It was a flawless job.


A Lot Like Love is still available on Netflix, and if you’re looking for something to give you butterflies and simultaneously keep you on the edge of your seat, you had better watch it.


A Lot Like Love poster

Release Date: June 9, 2023

Runtime: 1hr 35 min

Streaming Service: Netflix

Director: Shittu Taiwo

Cast: Ibrahim Suleiman, Sophie Alakija, Rahama Sadau, Gabriel Afolayon, Adam Garba, Rabiu Rikadawa.

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