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Lizzo Clarifies “I Quit” Remarks, Confirms Commitment to Music Career

Musician Lizzo has addressed the speculation surrounding her recent “I quit” social media post.
April 6, 2024
10:52 am

In a video shared on Instagram, Lizzo clarified that she does not intend to quit making music or abandon her platforms despite facing negativity and criticism. She reaffirmed her passion for creating music and connecting with fans.


“By saying ‘I quit,’ I meant I quit allowing negativity and hate to overshadow the light that I am,” Lizzo stated in the video. She encouraged her followers to stand up against negativity in their own lives.


The singer’s cryptic “I quit” post last week had led to assumptions that she might be stepping away from the public eye or her music career altogether. The post shed light on the toll that constant online criticism and personal attacks have taken on her mental well-being.


The incident coincided with criticism from attorneys representing Lizzo’s former dancers, who had previously brought forward allegations of sexual harassment and workplace grievances against the singer last August. While Lizzo has denied any wrongdoing, the lawsuit remains pending.


In response to the attorneys’ recent remarks about Lizzo’s performance at a fundraiser for President Joe Biden, her representatives reiterated her denial of the allegations and expressed disappointment in the portrayal of events.


Throughout her career, Lizzo has been an advocate for self-love, empowerment, and the importance of positivity. Her latest clarification underscores her commitment to continuing to create music and spread her message despite facing negativity and challenges.


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