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Africa Magic Indigenous Series Showcase Nigeria’s Cultural Diversity

These series aim to provoke thought and initiate family discussions while prompting viewers to reflect on their own choices in similar situations.
August 12, 2023
12:24 am
Busola Tejumola is the Executive Head of Content & West Africa Channels at MultiChoice

Africa Magic is set to premiere three new original indigenous series, “Apo”, “Iwe”, and “Kariya”, in September.


With a focus on authentic storytelling, these series will be broadcast on local language channels: Africa Magic Yoruba, Africa Magic Igbo, and Africa Magic Hausa. The move highlights the importance of preserving cultural diversity in Nigeria, a country with 371 ethnic groups each with its own unique traditions and stories.


“Apo,” a Yoruba series, centers around the discovery of a bag containing money, charms, and a gun by tenants living in the Olanrewaju Compound. The tenants view the discovery as an opportunity to improve their financial status, unaware of the supernatural consequences linked to the bag. This 26-part series is expected to captivate audiences with its suspenseful narrative.


“Iwe,” an 80-part series in Igbo, transports viewers into pre-colonial Igbo society with mythological elements. The show narrates the tale of two kingdoms, once united but now estranged due to years of resentment, jealousy, and greed. A young prince, driven by a desire to prove himself, embarks on a mission to save his kingdom from oppression, ultimately uncovering surprising connections with his adversaries.



For the Hausa-speaking audience, “Kariya” offers a romantic drama that revolves around Islamic relationship counsellors, Tariq and Hadiza Al-Hassan. Their marriage is on the brink of collapse due to Tariq’s infidelity, but their lives take a dramatic turn when they become hostages in a home invasion carried out by armed individuals. The unfolding events test their loyalty, trust, and ability to cooperate in the face of danger.


These series aim to provoke thought and initiate family discussions, prompting viewers to reflect on their own choices in similar situations. Africa Magic’s commitment to providing diverse, engaging, and thought-provoking content continues with these upcoming indigenous shows.


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