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AY Expresses Gratitude to Wife and Well Wishers After House Fire

Ayo Makun: “Pain can be temporary when you find yourself with the right partner to journey with.”
August 12, 2023
12:12 am
The show goes on

Renowned Nigerian comedian Ayodeji Makun, popularly known as AY, has poured out his heartfelt appreciation to his wife and fans in the wake of a recent house fire that ravaged their home in Lekki.


The incident occurred on Sunday, August 6, 2023, leaving many concerned for the well-being of the comedian and his family. Fortunately, they were overseas during the incident and remained unharmed.


Taking to his Instagram page on Aug. 9, AY shared an emotional post featuring ten picturesque snapshots of himself and his wife, Mabel. In his touching write-up, he acknowledged Mabel’s unwavering support, which proved crucial during this challenging time. The comedian emphasized the importance of having a reliable partner to navigate through hardships, drawing attention to the transient nature of pain.


AY Makun and Mabel

“Pain can be temporary when you find yourself with the right partner to journey with. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually, it will subside and something else will take its place,” AY expressed in his caption.


The post further reflected his resilience as he addressed the temporary loss of their home. He expressed hope for the future, praying for the restoration of their losses and invoking the belief that adversity is often a prelude to better opportunities.


“As we continue to walk through the journey of life together, we shall replace the lies of the enemies with the truth of God. One thing we know for sure is that God never takes away something from your life without replacing it with something better,” AY’s message resonated with optimism.



In addition to expressing gratitude towards his wife, AY extended his heartfelt appreciation to the fans and supporters who stood by him during this difficult time. He acknowledged their unwavering support and the positive impact of their prayers and well wishes. AY assured his followers that he and his family would remain resilient and continue their journey with heads held high.


“Thanks to every one of you for thinking of us during this difficult time. It is so wonderful to know that we are on your minds and in your prayers. THE GRACEFUL WALK TO GLORY CONTINUES….” AY conveyed his heartfelt gratitude in closing.


AY Makun and Mabel tied the knot in 2008, and their relationship has been a subject of admiration for many.


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