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“Boycott” Comes To Prime Video

The film resurges back to screens once again after its debut two years ago.
April 6, 2024
9:57 am

“Boycott,” originally premiered in 2022 and is now exclusively on Prime Video since Apr. 5.


Under the skilled direction of Stanfame Ajalaja Stanley, the film embarks on a narrative journey that traverses the intricate terrain of love, desperation, and redemption within the context of terrorism and societal turmoil.


At its core, “Boycott” follows the tumultuous trajectory of Yusuf (Ejiro Kellie). His world is upheaved when his daughter falls gravely ill, thrusting him into a moral quandary that forces him to confront the limits of his principles.


Driven by an unwavering paternal instinct, Yusuf makes the fateful decision to align himself with a terrorist faction in a desperate gambit to procure the resources needed to save his ailing child.


However, amidst the moral ambiguity and ethical dilemmas that ensue, an unexpected ray of hope emerges in the form of Laila (Lovelyn Christiana). Their burgeoning connection serves as a poignant counterpoint to the chaos and uncertainty that permeates Yusuf’s world.



“Boycott” artfully explores the interplay between individual agency and external circumstances, offering a nuanced examination of the human condition in all its complexity.


Through the lens of Yusuf’s journey, the film delves into the profound repercussions of societal inequities and the pervasive influence of poverty-driven desperation on human behavior.


With a stellar ensemble cast that includes Richard Mofe-Damijo, Yemi Blaq, Tolulope Asenu amongst others, “Boycott” boasts a wealth of talent.


“Boycott” serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.


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