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Funke Akindele Springs Back into Action with “A Tribe Called Judah”

The film’s impending release holds the promise of leaving a significant impact on the industry.
August 10, 2023
6:12 am
Funke Akindele

After a noticeable lull, Nollywood filmmaker Funke Akindele has once again taken the director’s chair for her latest cinematic venture, “A Tribe Called Judah.” The film marks Akindele’s grand return to the big screen in 2023, and it has captured the attention of eager fans and critics alike. The film, which is currently in the throes of production, is a collaborative effort between Akindele and Captain Degzy.


Barny Emordi, the skilled hand behind the lens, has been entrusted with the Director of Photography role, ensuring that the visual elements of the film are nothing short of stunning. A tantalizing peek into the behind-the-scenes action was shared by Akindele herself on her Instagram account, where she has posted snapshots of the creative minds and dedicated crew working diligently to bring “A Tribe Called Judah” to life.


Captain Degzy

This fresh undertaking follows the resounding success of Akindele’s previous cinematic masterpiece, “Battle on Buka Street.” Released on December 16, 2022, the film made an indelible mark by claiming the title of the highest-grossing Nigerian film, amassing an impressive ₦640 million. Its journey from theaters to the digital realm on Prime Video only solidified its place in the hearts of viewers.


The accolades continued to pour in as “Battle on Buka Street” earned prestigious nominations at the 2023 African Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards. With recognition in categories such as Best Writer, Best Actress in a comedy movie/TV Series, and Best overall movie, Akindele’s exceptional storytelling prowess was undeniably celebrated.


As anticipation for “A Tribe Called Judah” reaches a crescendo, enthusiasts of Akindele’s work can rest assured that her signature blend of creativity, humor, and meaningful narratives will once again grace the silver screen. The entertainment world eagerly awaits the outcome of this promising cinematic journey, poised to captivate audiences and make its mark on the industry.


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