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Junior Pope: Ernest Obi Urges Crew Members to Prioritize Safety Standards

The Filmmaker emphasizes the need for change in wake of tragic accident
April 22, 2024
2:08 am
Junior Pope
Junior Pope

In the aftermath of the tragic boat accident resulting in the loss of Junior Pope and some crew members during the filming of “The Other Side of Life,” Ernest Obi, a respected figure in the film industry, has emerged as a vocal advocate for improved safety standards within Nollywood.


Addressing attendees at a candlelight vigil in Lagos, the veteran filmmaker urged members of the Southeast Film Crew Welfare to take a firm stand against projects that pose risks to their safety. Obi stressed the importance of crew members promptly alerting their guilds to unsafe working conditions.


Expressing his discontent with the current state of the industry, Obi described Nollywood as a “laughing stock” due to its inadequate safety measures. He called for comprehensive reforms to prevent similar tragedies in the future.


Obi also highlighted the issue of insufficient compensation for crew members, particularly those undertaking physically demanding roles. He condemned the practice of underpaying workers, labeling it “a sin against God.”


However, filmmaker Elimihe Osezuah, known for his work on “Unforgivable,” offered a differing viewpoint. Speaking to the TNR team, Osezuah acknowledged the financial constraints faced by independent filmmakers. He emphasized the economic challenges within the creative sector and questioned the feasibility of implementing stringent safety measures amidst financial struggles.


“In an economy where the last thing to enjoy a boom in moments of abundance, and the first thing to suffer a cut in moments of distress is the creative enterprise, where do safety measures play when survival is always the game?” Osezuah lamented.


As discussions surrounding safety standards in Nollywood continue to unfold, industry stakeholders struggle with finding a balance between ensuring crew welfare and navigating financial constraints.


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