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Moses Babatope Unveils Bold New Venture to Transform Nollywood

The Filmhouse co-founder launches media firm with vision for unprecedented growth.
May 3, 2024
2:39 pm
Moses Babatope
Moses Babatope

Moses Babatope, co-founder of Filmhouse Group and former managing director of FilmOne, has recently announced the start of his new media and entertainment company – a venture he envisions will reshape the Nigerian film industry.


In an exclusive interview with The Nollywood Reporter, after departing Filmhouse in April, Babatope outlined the goals for his firm focused on film production, distribution and cinema operations.


“Our goal is to help engineer Nollywood’s future into the next decade and grow the industry significantly by creating new revenue streams and opportunities both locally and internationally,” Babatope stated.


With two decades of experience highlighted by over 40 executive producer credits on Nollywood’s biggest hits, Babatope plans to bring unprecedented integration across the media landscape.


“For the first time, a single entity will bring together all the moving parts under one roof, leveraging decades of diverse experience from our team and our extensive reputation as the best dealmakers in the business,” he pointed out.


Babatope promises an “unprecedented level of financing for multimillion dollar Nollywood projects” in production, distribution and exhibition, powered by collaborations with local and global players.


While he declined to reveal the new company’s name ahead of an official unveiling, Babatope made it clear that he was not bound by any non-compete obligations from his previous employer – FilmOne.


This launch signifies a fresh start for this seasoned executive who has been able to get significant worldwide distribution partnerships with major studios like Warner Bros., Sony, Prime Video and Disney during his tenure at Filmhouse. He was also responsible for securing West Africa’s first-ever corporate financing for motion pictures.


As Nigeria’s film industry continues its globalization journey, Babatope’s ambitious new firm aims to play a key role in driving force propelling Nollywood’s evolution and growth over the next decade.


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