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Nigerian Idol Theatre Week: Contestants Battle for a Spot in the Top 10

The second round of Theatre Week revealed the Top 10.
May 22, 2024
6:10 am
Nigerian Idol - Theatre week
Nigerian Idol - Theatre week

After an intense scrutiny last week that saw 70 contestants reduced to 20, the second round of Theatre Week on Nigerian Idol Season 9 proved to be an even more competitive battle.


This episode featured a new face on the panel of judges: Obi Asika, the Director General of the Nigerian Council for Arts and Culture, who joined in selecting the finest voices the nation has to offer.


Before the selection process began, former Nigerian Idol winners, Progress and Victory, made special appearances to coach and inspire the contestants.


Out of the 20 contestants who survived the first round of Theatre Week, only 10 advanced to the next stage after this round.


Chioma, Jennifer Igomu, Stevie, David Garland, Mira Clear, Gracia, Chima, Maio, and Lady Ruth secured their spots in the Top 10 based on their performances. With only one spot remaining, Lammy and Japh Kenti’s fate now rests in the hands of voters when the voting process closes on Thursday.


Nigerian Idol - One spot left
Nigerian Idol – One spot left

While performances like Mira Clear’s “No Woman No Cry,” Gracia’s “Turning Tables,” and Chioma’s “If This Isn’t Love” were deemed strong enough to advance, others like Tari’s rendition of “Save Your Tears” did not make the cut.


Platinum ticket holders Mikki and Japeth, along with Sapphire, Eddy, Jey B, Victor Annie, Dakor, and Terry, were also eliminated in this round.


Although many talented contestants were disqualified, fans praised the judges’ decisions as fair and unbiased. While the journey on Nigerian Idol Season 9 has ended for the eliminated participants, their musical dreams continue. As one of the judges, 9ice encouraged Terry, “You can be a star, but not on Nigerian Idol Season 9.”


The successful contestants are now one step closer to achieving their dream on the show.


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