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Odumeje Challenges Renowned Dancer Poco Lee

Flamboyant Nigerian pastor issues warning to popular entertainer.
April 22, 2024
9:21 am
Poco Lee

Controversial Anambra-based pastor Odumeje has issued a challenge to renowned Nigerian dancer Poco Lee, declaring, “Poco Lee, I’m coming for you.”


The pastor’s proclamation comes after Poco Lee was seen vibing to Odumeje’s recently released single “Powers,” which features Flavor.


Odumeje, known for his flamboyant persona and viral sermon clips, has uploaded multiple videos on social media issuing what appears to be a warning to the popular dancer.


Odumeje, whose real name is Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, has gained significant attention with the release of “Powers,” a track that incorporates a viral clip of the pastor boasting about his cache of “powers” ready to be unleashed.


While some social media users have criticized Odumeje’s actions as a ploy for attention and clout, others have embraced the pastor’s newfound status as a performer and entertainer. The nature of the challenge to Poco Lee remains unclear, and it is uncertain whether this is a serious competitive showdown or a light-hearted dance challenge, given Odumeje’s penchant for energetic dance moves, which he has showcased during his sermons.


Poco Lee, known for his impressive dance skills and collaborations with various Nigerian artists, has yet to respond publicly to Odumeje’s challenge.


Fans and observers alike are eagerly anticipating how this developing situation between the flamboyant pastor and the renowned dancer may unfold.


The pastor is currently in London, where he is not only performing the hit song but also rumored to be hosting a comedy show.


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