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“Red Circle” Reveals Star-Studded Cast in Gripping Teaser

The upcoming action thriller from Rixel Studios assembles screen veterans and Nollywood talent in a tantalizing first look at the kidnapping drama.
April 1, 2024
7:19 am
Red Circle

Nollywood is buzzing with anticipation for the new film “Red Circle” from Rixel Studios after the production company unveiled the star-studded cast in an electrifying teaser video.


The pulse-pounding clip offers fans a gripping first glimpse at the high-stakes action thriller ahead of the start of principal photography.


Directed by AMVCA nominee Akay Mason, “Red Circle” is bringing screen legend Bukky Wright out of retirement to lead an ensemble that fuses veteran actors with talents like Folu Storms, Timini Egbuson, Tobi Bakre, Lateef Adedimeji, Femi Branch, Omowumi Dada, Mike Afolarin, Ruggedy Baba, and Debo Macaroni.


The teaser sets up the tense premise, opening with a woman being abducted off the street after receiving a mysterious black card marked “You’ve been tagged” inside a red circle. She’s then shown trapped in a dark room among over a dozen other apparent kidnapping victims from varying backgrounds.


As their hoods are removed one by one, the diverse group of hostages – including a street-wise young man, a police officer, a journalist and an affluent businessman – react with bravado, fear and confusion over their plight.


Written by AMVCA nominee Abdul Tijani-Ahmed, the feature-length “Red Circle” promises to be “a groundbreaking Nollywood event,” according to Rixel Studios. While no release date has been set yet, the production company has teased more behind-the-scenes coverage is on the way.


With an intriguing cross-section of society caught in the kidnapper’s web, the first teaser succeeds in ratcheting up excitement and curiosity for the exploration of a chilling real-life issue hitting close to home for many Nigerians.


Check out the teaser here


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