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RTF Returns to Lagos Because of Squabbles with Edo State Officials

The sudden departure of the Real Time International Festival from the ancient City of Benin exposes the ugly side of sponsorship for the arts in Nigeria
August 10, 2022
11:29 am

The 2022 Real Time International Film Festival, which was earlier planned to take place in Benin City would now take place in Lagos. According to sources close to the organizers of the RTF, this was caused by a rift between Edo State some high-level civil servants in Edo State and the organizers of RTF.


According to one of the sources briefed on the matter, the organizers were left in the lurch because they rejected some overtures made by the Edo State officials. “The organizers got a last-minute heartbreak from the Edo State Government after nearly a year of discussion.”


The nature of the disagreement bordered on the ownership of the RTF. High-level sources brief on the matter told The Nollywood Reporter that state officials allegedly wanted the organizers “to surrender the festival to them.”


The Real-Time Film Festival is believed to be one of the most prestigious in Africa. One of its aims is to preserve culture and impact the younger generations in the burgeoning film industry with the proper history and culture through arts, using technology, also celebrating the human talents who churn out artistic films. The RTF is a platform to reward and put these talents on a global Radar.


This year’s event is set to show 200 movies. One of the highlights of the festival is the signature Real-time Filmmaking Challenge with entries from across the world. The events runs from August 19 through 27.


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