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“Unforgivable” Releases Film’s Soundtrack Album on Streaming Platforms

Months after the Nollywood movie’s theatrical run, Elimihe Osezuah makes the full “Journeyman Reinvented” album from “Unforgivable” available to stream.
March 22, 2024
6:35 am
Accused flanked by legal team

Director Elimihe Osezuah is giving audiences another way to experience his 2023 film “Unforgivable” by releasing the Nollywood movie’s complete soundtrack album titled “Journeyman Reinvented” across major streaming platforms.


Though “Unforgivable” hit theaters back in July 2023, Osezuah quietly dropped the 20-track album comprising the film’s original scores and licensed songs in December. Now in the new year, he has launched a promotion push to highlight this companion album’s availability.


In an interview with the TNR team, Osezuah expressed his belief that “Journeyman Reinvented” may be a first for a Nigerian film production. “I’m not sure, but it’s probably the first time that a movie in Nigeria has a full album that’s in stores all over the world,” he stated.


The album is split evenly between 10 original tracks created by the “Unforgivable” scoring team and 10 pre-existing songs licensed from their respective rights holders for inclusion in the movie and on the album.


The accused and the accuser face to face in court

“Unforgivable” itself starred Timini Egbuson as Edafe Iwhiwhu, a man facing rape allegations from his girlfriend Regina Ipaye, played by Nancy Isime. The courtroom drama explored legal proceedings and surprising revelations about the truth behind the charges.


The film, which received positive reviews upon its July 28, 2023 release, marked one of the higher-profile Nigerian productions of last year from Osezuah’s Auphor Productions.


By making “Journeyman Reinvented” widely available now on streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and others, the director aims to give audiences a new way to experience and enjoy the musical elements that helped elevate the cinematic storytelling of “Unforgivable.”


Osezuah’s unique strategy could set a precedent for how Nigerian filmmakers package and monetize the music and scores from their movies going forward in an increasingly streaming-dominated entertainment landscape.


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