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Tems on Chicken Shop Date: “I’m Very Good at Picking Guys”

At Amelia Dimoldenberg’s chicken shop date in London, Nigerian singer Tems just stated the obvious: she’s very good at picking guys. And why wouldn’t she be?


It’s easy for her, you see, especially for men of her type, which she bluntly states have to be intelligent, funny (because, as she wisely notes, funny people are intelligent) and tall…ish.



Whilst munching on chicken nuggets at Sam’s Chicken in Harlesden, the pair (although mostly Tems) dished out tips for avoiding bad dates.


Her hot tip? Avoid toxic men and rebels. These types, she explains, come with a boatload of “issues” that often lead to narcissistic battles, forcing her to prove she can out-narcissist the best of them. And that, she puts, is akin to staining her moral white.


Among the ear-standing details in the eight-minute snack session was Tems revealing her love language for the first time: touch. However, she prefers being on the receiving end.



“I don’t know if my love language is an act of service because I’m always the one doing the servicing,” she quipped. This might explain the undertones behind her recent single, “Love Me Jeje” which translates to “Love Me Tenderly.”


Love and dating weren’t the only topics on the menu. Tems’ golden confidence was. Her secret to maintaining confidence, even when it’s waning, is simple: remind yourself of your capabilities and status. In other words, she believes in her own hype… she knows she’s “HER.”


To watch the full episode of Chicken Shop Date with Tems, click here.


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