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Kate Henshaw Miffed, Tweets Acerbic, And She is Causing Ruckus in Twitterville

Following Tobi Amusan’s iconic win at the World Athletics Championships, Kate Henshaw took to social media to commend hardworking Nigerians in the Diaspora. In a recent tweet, the veteran Nollywood actress wrote: Nigerians continue to thrive when they leave these shores. Those who eschew negativity and focus on hardwork, commitment & grit, always win inspite of the total lack of support from their govt & supposed leaders.

Those ones, na only their children they want to win.



Does TNR detect a little shade towards the Nigerian government? Then again, is anyone really surprised? We think not. One half of the comment section is made up of people applauding Amusan’s win and the other half are Nigerians bonding over their shared dislike of the government’s antics.


One person commented: The biggest problem we have as a country is bad leadership and that has set us back more than 13000 kilometers away from progress. However, Tobi Amusan’s 12.12 world record is a sign that having a good leader will right all the wrongs in the past.”


TNR is inclined to believe the last sentence, but who knows? Maybe people with interest in the affairs of Nigeria will find out in a few thousand years.


Another comment read: Absolutely, however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at


Tell that to Nigeria’s 33% unemployment rate, sir!



Meanwhile, it’s not a surprise that Nigerians have a lot to say about the Nigerian government and all its inadequacies, but it is absolutely amusing to watch Kate Henshaw’s simple tweet turn into a political campaign ground.


In anticipation for the 2023 presidential elections, Henshaw’s social media feed has been political and controversial. She regularly tweets call to actions as well as scolding messages directed at the government.


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