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Layi Once Said…

Skit maker Lay Wasabi might have been a graduate of Law, but he could pass for a life coach with his numerous quotes and their sometimes paradoxical undertones.


Here’s a taste of Layi’s sage advice and what those clever sayings might really mean.


Financial Tips


“Because you suffered to make money doesn’t mean you should not spend it…a person that doesn’t like to spend money will spend money in a way that he doesn’t like”Open that wallet. Spend that money!!!


“Your financial IQ is your account balance” – Your mind is your wealth.


“A man that wants to make money must first know how to refuse it” – A wise wealth-seeker knows when to decline certain opportunities.


“The world is not small, it’s money you don’t have”– The world only seems small when your wallet is thin.


“Poor parties should not be allowed to own properties because cheap land will land you inside problem” – Those struggling financially should be cautious with real estate investments to avoid further troubles.



Love Tips


“Every wife material is also a material girl, it’s just the sewing that is different.” – Women love money!


To add a bonus: “…don’t let anybody that didn’t tailor your shirt tear it, because you cannot allow people to reap where they did not sow.”


“Naira cannot be falling, and you would be falling in love; both cannot be simultaneous” – Love according to the state of the economy.


“The person that said, ‘love don’t cost a dime saw the cost of love and said ‘Damn!” – Hustle o!



Life Hacks


“Even Sunny Ade knows that not every day can be sunny” – Challenges are inevitable.


“Success is a duplex–there are steps” – Rush Rush no good.


“Your circle of friends you have determines the circumference of this earth to you” – Show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are.


“One day your day one will call you and tell you dey wan dey on their own; nobody likes to be in the company of who is not accomplished” – People move on.


“In life, you must go through a test before you have a testimony” – To share your success story, you must first overcome challenges.


“Hard work pays, but minimum wage” – Work smarter, not harder!


“Tèlé vision e kán le ma wò é ni Television” – Follow your dreams, so you can be watched on Television


Last tip: Remember to join the GNCC class!


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