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‘Merry Men III’ is Cooking and AY and Crew Are Busy.

Yoruba Demons Assemble!


Even if you’re not a Yoruba demon, still assemble because your favorite comedic-action film is back for a third round of laughs, luxury and, well, womanizing which we would excuse because come on, it’s Merry Men.


Comedian and actor Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY first broke the news four days ago on his official social media accounts with a string of pictures on set. It featured what looked to be a wedding scene between Ramsey Noah’s character Ayo and Ghanian actor Nadia Buhari’s yet-to-be-named character.


One thing about the production team behind the Merry Men franchise (we see you FilmOne Entertainment and Corporate World Entertainment) is that they always go big or go home! The released wedding photos looked so grandiose and stellar that they called me poor in many different languages. From Buhari’s gown to the décor of bedazzled arcs with stars, I’m still gushing over the fact that we’re finally getting a third movie after four years.



But don’t take my word for it because some may say I get too excited over things, take the people’s word.


One commenter wrote, Oh my goodness, the attention to detail on this set!!! This is so beautiful! THIS is what sets your movies apart! Best wishes as you continue to film another one of your blockbuster hits! Can’t wait for it!


Another said, “Nigeria has finally broken the bar!! We love and celebrate your tenacity. Learning from Cameroon.”


The positivity and excitement are of course well-founded, but we have to address the big elephant in the room. Why is Ayo (Noah’s character) marrying another woman? Is this playing? What type of playing is this? In Merry Men II he was engaged to Dera (Damilola Adegbite), and they were so much in love so what changed? Who served breakfast in its hottest form in the relationship? (If it’s Ayo, then that wouldn’t be very surprising considering his track record).


TNR did reach out to AY to get the juicy stuff out of him because, duh, the people want to know why a wedding is happening, but with the wrong bride. Nothing was divulged just yet because, according to him, he is “too blank and used to even think straight … apart from the work going on here” on set. However, as fans, we can expect that Merry Men III will blow our minds (prophesying into existence).


There has also been no word on whether all the original cast members would be returning, and things are still on the down-low on how many new faces we’re going to see, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is Merry Men III is coming!!!


While you’re waiting for the third movie, watch the first two to refresh your memory because they are available on everyone’s favorite streaming platform, Netflix.


If Netflix is not your favorite streaming platform, no vex).


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