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Remember That One Kate Henshaw Nollywood Movie? She’d Proudly Do It Again!

Sister Kate Pleaaseee!


Kate Amaka Henshaw-Nuttall is far from a strange name in Nollywood. The 52-year-old actress, model, and philanthropist is famous for her acting prowess and reverse aging. Plus, she has a ton of good movies under her belt too.


However, when most people think of Kate Henshaw, they always think of THAT movie.



Yes, that one.


The clip is from the movie, “Stolen Bible,” released in 2004.


Many may forget the title but never THAT scene of Nun Kate chased across the convent grounds by Jesus straight from the crucifix


In “Stolen Bible,” Kate plays Apollo, a maiden cursed with the gift of kleptomania – theft, if you’re not accustomed – after she steals an elderly woman’s bible. After her five-finger discount fails her at a supermarket, she gets beaten leading to a nun adopting her to a convent where she, unsurprisingly, demonstrates her skillful ability to relieve others of their properties.


The infamous scene comes from a dream sequence that sees Apollo attempting to pray in front of a life-size crucifix. However, the Jesus statue springs to life and pursues her, possibly as a representation of her accumulated sins.


The movie underscores the hysterical inclination of the old Nollywood scriptwriters and Netizens were not about to let that play out again.


When a fan, @drpenking, jokingly warned her, on her social media platform “X,” not to attempt such again, she says,

“…Dey play…I go do am again.”



Another fan, @kizito210, issued the same warning and got this reply from her:

“Come and stop me naa. Na that be the koko.”



When questioned by another user, @PapaKing234, on how she managed to keep a straight face while acting that scene, she replied,

“Na my work naaa.”



One X user, @kelzzz87, commented,

“Aunty Kate come carry our lord and personal savior dey jog! E wrong nau.”



Another user, @isaaczic0, said…

“The werey wey act Jesus self dey laugh at the end of the video.”



The general consensus seems to be that such a scene was highly unnecessary and traumatizing in some respects. Some members of the Christian community even deem it disrespectful.


To sum it up, this particular scene in “Stolen Bible” illustrates old Nollywood’s quirky, entertaining essence and, by extension, how far we’ve come since then. But for Kate Henshaw, recreating such comical scenes remains open to her. Summon her for a role like that and she’ll be there in a jiffy.


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