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Trouble in Paradise? BBN’s Angel and Soma Unfollow Each Other Amid Pregnancy Rumors

Barely a month after leaving the Big Brother Naija house, the hot couple seem to be headed towards Splits Ville.


It is no secret that Soma and Angel lit up the Big Brother Naija Season 8 house with their onscreen chemistry. Dubbed the ship name “Somgel” by their fans, they were all over each other. Many thought they were only dating in the house for votes and notoriety but, after the show ended, they clarified in various interviews that they were dating in real life. They also revealed that they had ended their previous relationships to be with each other.



Angel is a beautiful woman and Soma is a handsome man, so admittedly, they look good together and we were all rooting for them. BBN relationships never last once the dust settles and the housemates are back in the real world, so this relationship gave a lot of people hope.


But it seems that that hope might be dashed because, on Oct.19, the couple unfollowed each other on Instagram. In pop culture language, when a couple unfollows each other on socials, then they are not together anymore. This development sent shock waves across the “Somgel” nation who swore that the couple would “be together forever.”



To make matters even more interesting, Angel seemingly announced she was pregnant by posting a pregnant emoji on X (formerly known as Twitter). She was also spotted on X space discussing with her fans the name to give her unborn child.


Angel plays all day on X so the pregnancy announcement might be a hoax or a devise on her part to be a trending topic on the internet, but people took it seriously by offering their congratulations and going as far as asking if the baby belongs to Soma.


Some commenters were in denial, asking the BBN star if by pregnant she meant she was “eating good” and “Soma was overfeeding her.”


Whether or not congratulations are in order for the couple (can we even call them that now that they have “broken up?”), fans are hoping for an explanation for all this conversation because to go from a couple in BBN, to solidifying your relationship status outside the house, to then unfollowing each other on Instagram is very suspicious.


But it seems like Angel does not care about what people think of her or her pregnancy status because she is living her best life. She even tweeted:

“So, who wanna marry me?”


Maybe there is trouble in paradise after all and we should all do the one thing that benefits mankind: mind our business.


Nonetheless, congratulations Angel.


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